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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Redefining the word "DIET"

This is one of the many definitions associated with the word diet;
Diet - the usual food and drink consumed by an organism.

So the way I like to look at it is, instead of associating the word diet with food restriction or a restriction in some types of food, so as to lose weight, we look at the word diet as simply what we eat and drink.

In other words we can have a good diet, bad diet, or indifferent diet,
but either way whatever we eat and drink to sustain ourselves is our diet.

It seems though that the only time we use the word diet is when we are talking about losing weight, and then we start to think about all the boring stuff that someone will have to eat while “on a diet”. Changing our eating habits doesn’t mean we have to only eat celery sticks and drink water. It just means looking at the what we eat when we eat it and seeing if we can manipulate, replace and change a few things around so that it will better suit our particular lifestyle and genetic makeup.

In other words if we eat our biggest, starchest, and most carbohydrated loaded meal at night just before retiring for the day, there is a good chance we're going to store all that energy for a later date. But if we reverse the way we eat and eat our carbs and starches early in the day, and eat a meal with protein and veges lower in starch at night, this one simple change could, and I say could, change the way our body processes what we are eating and could instead of storing energy actually start to burn off any excess energy.

 Again though I say don't bore yourself to death when thinking about what to do if you want to lose weight, that will be the easiest way to lose interest and motivation. But also if you just get rid of the thought that diet means restriction, boring food, and counting calories and just remember it's just the word for what we eat.

So make eating an enjoyable experience and not an arduous one, and don't stress or become obsessed with what your eating and you will probably find that you will naturally make good choices for yourself.