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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

That's Enough!

We all want to be healthy, I'm sure there can't be anybody out there who actually wouldn't want to be given the choice. The problem is that it can be hard with the hectic life styles and it can be just down right confusing with all the diets, supplements, fitness regimes, detoxes, and the likes. I cannot and do not claim to be an expert in the field of health, but having had my own health issues over the years and can claim to have some experience in this area as no doubt we all do.
From around the age of six I started to have issues with my weight, and even though I was an active kid I seemed to just keep on putting on weight. Clothes that fit one day were too tight another, and this become a problem for me, it would really stress me out. Not only because I was putting on weight, but I knew that it was a concern to my mum also. Until the age of 24 my weight steadily increased, I never got dangerously over weight but over weight is overweight and by the very nature of being overweight I guess it was dangerous, so by the age of 24 at 5ft 11 (178cm) I had reached 115kg ( 253 pounds). "That's enough" I thought and after trying diet after diet, joining gyms, and taking some kind of natural diet pill, it was time to strip the weight and strip it for good!

The eating plan that I started to follow was a pretty controversial one that was designed by Dr. Atkins. But I did all the precautionary stuff and went and had a check-up with my GP, who wasn't overly happy with the diet plan I was about to embark on and suggested some alternatives, but I had done some research on the Atkins diet and was pretty determined to give it a go, make it work, and be healthy and not kill myself in the process.

Cut a long story short, it did work and I lost 43kg (94.6 pounds) and dropped from a size 42in trouser to a 32 in trouser. This happened over a relatively short period, six months and this is one reason Doctors and health professionals are not in favour of this diet plan. Though I did keep an eye on other health factors such as cholesterol, blood sugar, body fat composition, and blood pressure. Prior to going on the Atkins program all these health indicators were quite high and in need of correcting.  Having gone back to my GP and having all the necessary tests done again, it seemed that all were now looking very positive and all within the healthy range.

I am not writing an endorsement for the Atkins diet plan, because truth be known I did alter it to suit myself and in saying that I have seen friends go on this diet plan and not be successful. So in saying that I believe that being all individuals the way we eat and the way our bodies process food is all going to be different and therefore finding the right dietary/nutritional plan for yourself can be a personal discovery and involve some experimenting to find what suits you, diet plans are not all one size fits all.

What every you find that works go with it but make sure it something that is sustainable and that you will enjoy doing, as it really should be a lifelong change not a quick fix.